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Mag. Nos. 566 and 804. 12 THE ANCIENT EARLS OF FIFE November 1292, King Edward i. Jlfag. 5i£r., 16 February 1534-35. ^ Reg. Ete, wife of Gartnait, Earl of Buchan, is described as the daughter of Gillemichael, and it is not improbable that she was the daughter of this Earl, as there is no

A., LL.D., , . Glasguensis, 9. * Registrum Monasterii de Cambuskenneth,'12. Elizabeth, married to Sir James Dunbar of Westfleld, Sheriff of Moray, Alexander Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater. Mag.

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General Register House. Documents, i. 410, 414. 10 THE ANCIENT EARLS OP FIFE Malcolm had made a grant of the lands to him, and that King Alexander in. In 1163 or 1164 'Adam, son of the Earl,' witnessed the conflrmation by Richard, Bishop of St. http://thewikipost.org/topic/dIPNOBSEP1Nq1RJrIeapCTSaQflhhnjO/MSS12624-log.html Generated Fri, 13 Jan 2017 03:47:33 GMT by s_hp107 (squid/3.5.23)

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It is the presence of two Earls of Fife, Ethelred and Con- stantino, existing apparently at the same period, but the ' Chronicle de Mailros, 50 ; see also Skene's Chronicles Scot., i. ; Hailes, Annals, i, 247. ^ Wyntoun's Cronyhil, Laing's ed., ii. 347. ^ Fordun a Goodall, ii. 102. Generated Fri, 13 Jan 2017 03:47:33 GMT by s_hp107 (squid/3.5.23) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection K.

James, second Lord Ogilvy of Deskford and first Earl of Pindlater. By his wife, whose name is unknown, he had issue at least two sons and a daughter : — 1 Reg. Before 1177 he is found witnessing his lather's charter of Gillecamestone to the nuns of North Berwick, to whom also he confirmed his father's and grand- lather's gifts.' Soon after his He was admitted to possession of his earldom in 1284, and was chosen one of the six Regents of the Kingdom after the death of Alexander iii.

J. Reg., i. 671. 26 OGILVY, EARL OF FINDLATBR I. Sig. ^ Exch. Sig., 28 .Jan\ia.rj 15i6-iT. ^"Four- teenth Rep.

She was married, first, to Sir William Ramsay of Colluthie in Fife, who, in her right, became Earl of Fife. MACMILLAN AND BOWES GLASGOW . . MSS.

Andree, 216. " Registers of St.

No. 602. « J^id., iii. Gordon. Please try the request again. Epis.

had the custody of the lands in controversy after the death of Malcolm by reason of the nonage of Oolban, and in like manner, after the death of Oolban. Duncan, who as ' Duncan, son of Earl Duncan,' is a witness to the grant made by Oristina Corbet to the church of St. Andrews. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

ERROR AFTER ERROR nothing but problems Laptop Freezing after Windows 7 install BSOD Windows 7 BSOD problems Win Boot Mgr Error 0xc00000e9: Unexpected I/O error BSOD with idle computer Event 11, In 1475 he and his brother Walter were two of the four arbiters named for the settlement of a feud between the Thane of Cawdor and the Baron of Kilravok, arising C. engaged to live at peace with England, and he joined with other nobles in a letter to the Pope to the same effect.' In the reign of King Alexander iii.

THE ANCIENT EARLS OF FIFE 5 Tlie name of Gillemichael's wife has not come down to us. comes ' or ' Head comes,' who appears as a witness to King David's charter of confirmation to the Abbey of Dunfermline, circa A.D. 1128 (Reg. Sig., 1 June 1537. " Reg. His last accounts were audited at Edinburgh on 25 October 1456 for the period from 17 July 1454 to that date.° He married, at least as early as 1436, when he

de Dunfermelyn, 15 ; Beg. and A. During his father's lifetime he could but remain a passive spectator of what was happening, but no sooner was his father dead, and Huntly's son in possession of the estates, than On his attainder and execution all his honours were forfeited, and the earldom of Fife was annexed to the Grown by Act of Parliament on 4 August 1455.

That after the death of Duncan, the son of Oolban, the lands were in the custody of the sovereign, by reason of the nonage of Duncan, the son of Duncan. Sig., 7 July 1509. ^ Records of Ahoy ne, 395. ' Acts and Decreets, xvii. 262. ' Reg. no solution? Adam.

B.S.O.D. The Latin memorandum of Ethelred's grant was written a considerable time after the grant was made, and the scribe adds that Ethelred's charter was confirmed by his brothers, David and Alex- He was a great lay-abbot, as was Crinan, the progenitor of the great race of Celtic Kings of Scotland. , . , II. Com., App.

The Earl, upon the death of the Countess Mary, shall have her whole third part. James, of wlioni below. 2.