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Sunday, June 15, 2003

New Comment System Added

You will now be able to comment on each post right from the main page. Just click on the comment link and leave some feedback. No login is required. The forums are still open for tech support and general conversation, but this new comment system will allow you to comment without leaving the main page.

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Saturday, June 14, 2003

One of the best buttons I have seen. I might have to add it to my "Tools" section on this very page.

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Simple Interface Design

I love simple sites like Obviously they us very simple code, but I wish more sites were cleaner and to the point like this one. This is one reason why Google is so great. It started by doing one thing very well and did it without clutter and pop-up ads. Simple is better as the internet continues to grow. Now check out this site and tell me what they are thinking (I know they are trying to be all things to all people). My goal with this site is to be simple and cover server-based news and technology while avoiding loud banner ads and cluttered / confusing layouts.

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Friday, June 13, 2003


I love the concept of a cell phone that also has a usable Web browser. Check out The Perfect GooglePhone.

"Text messages have superseded phone calls as the most common use for a mobile phone among young people, a new survey reveals."- From the BBC. I found this story very interesting in that I just can't get into text messaging, but I am Mr. e-mail. I am convinced it must be an age thing.

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Geekiest Home Computer Setup Contest

Why not start off the weekend by entering a contest? I thought it was about time we build the forums side of this website by asking everyone to submit picture links to their home computer setups. The contest is simple. You post a (img src) link to your home setup in our special forum (I figured most geeks have a website, but if you don't have a place to host your image then send it to me and I will post it) and the one with the geekiest digs wins a servergeek t-shirt. We'll let the contest run for a few weeks until we get a good number of posts. Pass the link around to your friends so we can get a ton of pictures.

Follow This Link To The Contest

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Terminal Services Webinar

Here is a link to an upcoming (June 18th) webinar sponsored by Microsoft. I happen to like this format of training because it lets me do it when I want (once it is archived), I can stop and start it when I want, and it is free. That all adds up for me.

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Thursday, June 12, 2003


A Good Read On Disaster Planning

Here is a review on As many of you will see I love to read a broad range of tech books. This book focuses on several stories related to 9/11 (and others) and how companies dealt with one disaster after another.

You can order here- Planning for Survivable Networks

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Top 10 Infrastructure Issues

What are the most common problems you will run into when deploying Citrix (or Terminal Services for that matter)? I am including a link to a white paper that Citrix Consulting produced a few years ago. I would suggest everyone download it and read it from cover to cover. Why am I linking to it today? Because I continue to see folks try to deploy Citrix in a less than ideal environment. This paper does not put a ton of emphasis on WAN or LAN QOS, but I bet 75% of the remote access issues I see revolve around Quality of Service (QOS).

Comment Here

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New TScale 2.0

Here is a quick update on what is new from RTO Software.

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Getting More Out Of Google

Here is an article about getting more out of Google. I am fond of the book Google Hacks so I'm always on the lookout for more tips and tricks. Here is the official O'Reilly site for the book.

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A Quick Little Sales Video On Windows CE .Net

Here is a quick video I ran across on Windows CE .Net. I am pretty excited about where CE .Net could take us on the terminal and handheld side of the business. It is much easier to develop for and it has much more functionality with wireless and internet access.

Here is a link to the Microsoft CE .Net site.

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A New Look

We are starting off the day with a new look. I never really liked the template provided by Blogger so I worked until about 1 am to tweak this new one. Let me know what you think.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

What Custom Delivery Agents Are Available For Secure Access Manager

What CDAs are out there? I know about and what is on the Citrix site, but is that it? Are there other independant companies or private individuals creating CDAs? If so, where are they?

Post Secure Access Managers CDA Links Here

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Server Based Computing & Linux

You have heard about MetaFrame for Unix and you know that there has been a Linux version of the ICA client for some time. But did you know there are also RDP clients for Linux like this one from ThinSoft and even a Mac OSX client for RDP and one for ICA. I have also seen Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG) running on Unix (and one coming for Linux) and of course Web Interface (formally Nfuse) running on Apache.

It looks like both Citrix and Microsoft are finally understanding that Linux / Unix is not going anywhere. It was just a year ago that I had a large client ask me where Linux was going from a Citrix / Microsoft perspective and I had to tell him that it did not look good. Today that story has changed.

Discuss Linux Here

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Free MetaFrame eBook

I tend to like to print out or read paper books for any hardcore reading, but here is a free ebook on MetaFrame.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Quick Links

Here is a story from Wired Magazine on the Slammer worm and how it took down the Internet in 15 minutes. Paul Boutin does a great job, as always, of detailing the behind the scenes.

Xeni Jardin of also wrote a great story on camera phones and how they are changing our culture.

Finally, Microsoft is getting into the antivirus biz. has a story about it here.

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Conferencing Manager Install Guide

Looks like my buddy Doug Brown is going to post a down and dirty guide on how to install the new Citrix MetaFrame Conferencing Manager software. Check out the link at

Discuss Conferencing Manager Here

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Better Junk Mail From Microsoft

I ran across this link today about Microsoft wanting you to fill out a profile so they can better target regular snail mail your way. At first I thought this would be a good thing and then I started to think about what a clever campaign it could be to get better qualified customers. If you would like more junk mail, sign up. If not, steer clear. is the URL.

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A Great Book!

I am always a little leery of a book with the word Hack in the title, but this one delivers. It probably should have been called Google Power Tips, but that is not as exciting as putting HACK in the title. I am a Google fiend and found at least 20 new things that I did not know about Google and use all the time. This book is for anyone that wants to get the most out the best search engine on the planet.

Click Here For More Info
Google Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength...

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Monday, June 09, 2003

Are You Ready To Virtualize Your Servers?

I have been working with VMWare for the past few weeks as a way to test applications and share beta server builds with my team. I love this idea! I have even been asked by one client to keep a VMWare image of his server build online for us to use when troubleshooting his system (I need to review the licensing on that one first).

I am starting to see much more interest in consolidating services that don’t need to sit on individual servers. I love the idea of putting four or five little-used services on one larger server.

Here is a link to a story from Network World about what customers want from a server. “Performance, reliability and virtualization capabilities” top the list.

Microsoft is on the edge of jumping feet first into this arena with its purchase of Connectix and I have included a link to that as well. Here is a link to a press release on the Microsoft site. Here is one more link to a white paper.

Discuss This In Our Forums By Clicking Here

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I am really getting into this whole BLOG thing. I find it interesting that Google bought Pyra labs (makers of Blogger) and can see a time when there is a separate "blog" search option on Google. I am amazed at the information and depth that is available on some sites. My plan for this site was to be a news filter for all things related to Citrix and Terminal Services, but I can clearly see where it can be that and much more. Help make this site better by dropping me a line with links or story ideas. Share with me your stories (good and bad). Just click on the E-mail link to the right.

Here are a few quick stories I ran across today. EWeek has a story about RTO Software's TScale product.

Another great link for those that did not get to attend TechEd this year can be found at TechEdBloggers.

Finally, a look at some cool gadgets that were released in 1983. We sure have come a long way!

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Microsoft Security Class For Only $99

Check out this link to a special offer to take the MIcrosoft 2800 Security Clinic for only $99. You can also save $200 on the next class and $300 on each class in the series after that. Now granted the class is only a few hours long, but the courseware from Microsoft is usually pretty solid. Here is even more details.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Quote Of The Day

I have seen this before, but I ran across this on Datadridgirl and had to share it.

"There are only two industries that refer to their customers as "users."
-Edward Tufte

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Free Training

I happen to love the concept of Webinar based training. Why? Because what could be better than something free that you can do at your own pace? Both Microsoft (and sometimes Citrix) offer a ton of options. Microsoft has a page dedicated to future and past Webinars available here.

Here is the same link for Citrix Webinars.

Discuss Webinars Here

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First Windows 2003 Terminal Services Book?

Don't get excited just yet because this book is not going to be release until November. Click on this link to pre-order.

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